Drainage Improvement

Eagle Eye Construction performs a wide variety of drainage improvement: from simple downspout and pop-up installations and driveway culverts, to complete property drainage improvement.

Combined with our concrete construction experience, we can take care of all of your underground and surface drainage needs.

Curb Drain Outlets

If you are installing or replacing a drainage system in the city limits of Tulsa and you wish to drain to the street gutter, you will need to remove at least 3ft of the curb & gutter, install an approved cast-iron hood outlet before pouring back the curb and gutter.

This does require a right-of-way permit from the City of Tulsa as well as inspection before and after concrete placement. Tulsa does not allow straight pipe cemented into the curb and will issue a Notice of Violation if found to be out of spec or uninspected.

Our advice? Do it right with a qualified contractor.

Pop-Up Drain Emitters

If the grade allows it, we recommend forgoing curb outlets and installing pop-up emitters instead.

Pop-ups are a fraction of the material price of cast-iron outlets, can be placed anywhere, and do not require the expense or time of a right-of-way permit and associated inspections.