overgrown property

Property Cleanup

Services range from stump grinding to complete property overhauls.  If your property is looking a little shabby and you could use some help sprucing it up, give us a call.

junk on lawn

Junk Removal

Tired of that old fridge sitting in your garage or want to see the clutter in your back yard go away?  Maybe you're doing a little spring cleaning and just need someone to help load your junk and make it disappear.  We can do that.


Demolition & Haul-Off

Get rid of those old defunct tires, cars, boats, hot tubs, pools, sheds, fences, and decks by having Eagle Eye take care of the demolition and haul-away.

Before and After

Need a hand loading?  Let us help.

Save yourself the sweat and dirt and let our junk removal pros do the hard stuff.  Call today for a free estimate.


Easy Access Dumpsters

Our ATTRACTIVE dump trailers are custom designed to be easily accessible for loading.  Each dump trailer has a 16 cubic yard capacity featuring double barn-style doors, loading/walking ramps for wheelbarrows and dollies, as well as debris tarps to ensure your trash ends up at the landfill, not on the side of the highway.


Got it. Now get this junk outta here...

Call or email if you would like to schedule dumpster or haul-off services.  We encourage photos of your mess in your emails to help our estimator better assess the size of the job.